How To Make a Homemade Antibacterial Gel

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GEL ANTIBACTERIAL CASERO . Gel Desinfectante Casero , Seguro, coronavirus , coronao , corona


  • 1/2 glass of water,
  •  1 tablespoon of oil (olive or sunflower),
  •  10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil,
  •  10 drops lavender essential oil,
  •  10 drops tea tree essential oil.

How to do

Add all the drops of essential oils to an olive oil and mix well.
Pour the mixture of oils into the glass with water and mix well again, pack in a spray bottle.
Before use you always have to shake the bottle.

Some ‘extra’ tips

If you travel by public transport, remember that it is the perfect setting to acquire pathogenic microorganisms and develop an infectious disease. The railings, windows and buttons come into contact with thousands of people every day, so don’t forget to take the disinfectant gel with you.

Shopping carts are also used by many people, use your homemade gel after using the cart. Finally, money is one of the elements that people touch the most, but we can’t help it, after touching coins and bills, use your homemade gel.

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Written by Michael K.

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