Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Many people are not careful with their health and live as if they will never die or as if they will never grow old. However, a day comes when you find yourself with more and more ailments in the body and perhaps some of them could have been avoided by just changing a few habits in your life. If you could avoid getting sick or even dying with just a few small changes to nothing, wouldn’t you? Also when you discard those bad habits that you have every day without realizing it, you will not miss them since you will feel much better.

Swap the salt for spices

Salt gives food a lot of flavor and without it, many of them would taste almost nothing. However, excessive consumption of salt leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and causes the kidneys not to have as much water as they need to expel waste and filter it from our body. Kidney stones can develop if the waste is not expelled as liquid. It is best to season our meals with garlic, onion or spices and reduce salt consumption to the recommended 5 grams per day.


Don’t abuse painkillers

There are many studies showing that pain reliever abuse is directly related to kidney failure. This is because painkillers reduce the blood supply to these organs and when this happens very often, the kidney collapses. It is best not to take them as if they were jelly beans, only occasionally sporadically when you can’t take it anymore. And yes, you should never take them on an empty stomach.


Take care of colds

Although colds seem like nothing to us, they are a very recurrent disease that causes a small impact on our body. Many small impacts on our body can cause various diseases due to neglecting ourselves so much. The antibodies generated in a cold eventually build up in the kidney and cause it to fail. If we do not take care of having colds and we have them very often, this can become a problem for your kidneys. It is best to eat lots of fruit with vitamin C and bundle up well.

Do not hold the urge to go to the bathroom

Did you know that one of the main causes of kidney disease is holding back the urge to go to the bathroom? In addition to being very uncomfortable to hold on, it is also dangerous for your health. When urine is waiting to come out, it is a source of bacteria in reproduction, the longer you hold, the more bacteria will be created and they could move from the bladder, where there is no danger, and go up to the kidneys creating an infection.

Stop smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is a very bad habit for lung and heart health, but did you know that it is also a very bad habit for your kidneys? Well, yes, whether you are a current smoker or if you have quit, you have a higher risk of suffering from kidney disease. Obviously those who have quit smoking are less likely. Tobacco causes more creatinine to be created in the body than necessary, and it builds up in the kidneys.

Avoid ultra-processed foods

Ya hemos hablado antes de que la sal es perjudicial para tus riñones. Pues bien, las comidas ultra procesadas, es decir las que ya vienen preparadas o tratadas del súper, tienen infinidad de aditivos químicos que son muy perjudiciales para la salud. Además estos productos contienen niveles muy altos de sal y potasio lo cual es muy dañino. El potasio es bueno en cantidades pequeñas pero en altas cantidades hace que los riñones se puedan obstruir.


Ditch the sodas

It is well known that soft drinks with or without gas do not provide any type of nutrient to the body other than the mere fact of refreshing. In addition, these products contain exorbitant levels of sugar which is very bad for your health. Sugar, in addition to increasing the risks of diabetes, giving you energy peaks that then drop sharply and generating addiction, is also very harmful to your kidneys.

Get enough hours of sleep

While you sleep, your kidneys also rest from working whatever they do. So it is not crazy that numerous studies have shown that sleeping well makes the kidneys perform much better because they are more rested. One such study stated that those who sleep as little as 6 hours have a 19% higher risk of kidney failure since the kidney works many more hours than it can. Less sleep hours increase the percentage exponentially.

Don’t drop your meds all at once

When you are sick and the doctor sends you medicine for several weeks, you start taking it and when you start to feel better, you automatically stop it. This is very bad because in addition to not healing well, you are damaging your kidneys. Especially if we talk about medicines for blood pressure or pain. Kidneys love routines and sudden changes don’t go well.

Be careful with supplements

Many people take vitamin supplements on a day-to-day basis without even needing them. Theirs is to take them if you really have a deficiency of any vitamin or mineral, since taking too much of certain things is also harmful to health. Extremes are never good even if you think what you take is going to benefit you. For example, taking vitamin C in excess will make your kidneys have to work much more than necessary since the remains of vitamin C are eliminated from the body in the urine.

Don’t stop exercising

Exercising is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Playing sports makes you sleep better, relax and secrete dopamine, the hormone of happiness, in addition to the innumerable physical benefits that sport has. One of those physical benefits is that it helps you keep your blood pressure at healthy levels, which helps reduce your risk of kidney disease. It is not necessary to kill yourself to exercise, walking or running for half an hour or an hour a day is enough.

Overexertion doing sports

Exercising is very healthy and necessary for our body and mind, but as we have said before, extremes are not good. A continuous overexertion or putting more cane than you can in the gym can cause serious health problems and a very serious one is Rhabdomyolysis. This disease, although rare, can occur. Overexertion can cause muscle fibers to die and lead to kidney failure or even death.

Don’t drink energy drinks

These drinks do nothing good for your body. The ingredients they contain are very harmful to health, such as the enormous amounts of sugar they contain. After the amount of caffeine, which is not bad consumed in adequate doses but these drinks have more than necessary and are also highly addictive. And finally, taurine, another stimulant that together with caffeine raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks and chronic kidney diseases.


You may not drink enough water

The kidneys need a lot of water to function properly since their main function is to filter waste so that it does not pass into the blood and is expelled from the body. Many of the kidney problems come from not being properly hydrated since the kidney needs water to be able to better undo the minerals, if it does not have enough water, the minerals begin to crystallize in the kidney and form stones. Ideally, drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day.


Beware of red meat

Eating red meat from time to time is not bad, it is necessary and healthy, but once again, extremes can cause us problems. Eating red meat excessively is very harmful to your health and especially to the kidneys that have to work much more. On the other hand, the vegetable protein helps to reduce the stress on the kidneys. So the ideal is to always eat a balanced diet of meat, fish and vegetables.

Being sedentary

The sedentary lifestyle and having office jobs in which you spend many hours sitting is very harmful for your kidneys as it can trigger kidney failure. This is due to the fact that the blood circulation does not go properly and the blood flow to the kidneys does not reach the kidneys well. You have to always stay active as much as possible and go for a walk between 20 minutes and an hour every day, your kidneys will appreciate it.

Stop taking butter

Butter is something delicious, a delicacy of the gods, yet it is as harmful to health as smoking. 100 grams of butter has no less than 700 calories and no less than 80 grams of bad fat. That is to say, this product increases cholesterol very quickly and obstructs the arteries causing damage to the kidneys. People are even used to cooking with it, the ideal is to completely replace it with extra virgin olive oil and take butter occasionally.

Don’t overeat

Consuming large amounts of food at once is very harmful to your body as it is not used to it. The same thing happens in the kidneys, they are used to filtering a quantity of waste in your body but if suddenly there are days that you put double or triple the amount of work, they suffer a lot and if this happens often, you will start to have problems kidney. You have to be especially careful on vacations or Christmases where binges usually happen regularly.

Try not to stress

The life we lead, always running from one place to another, without time for anything, neither to rest nor to do things that you like, in the end, it takes its toll. High levels of stress also cause your tension to rise and this we already know is very bad for the kidneys. If you need it, take time to breathe and calm down and above all, to have time for yourself and your mental health.

Stop taking sugar

The consumption of sugar is a big problem worldwide, so much so that in some countries royalties have been imposed on products that have sugar levels well above those recommended for health. Sugar is the leading cause of childhood and adult obesity and diabetes, and all of this puts you at a much higher risk of kidney disease. It is best to reduce your sugar intake as much as possible.

Sweeteners don’t help either

If you reduce your sugar intake but replace it with artificial sweeteners, we are still in the same situation. Artificial sweeteners are made of pure chemicals and these are up to 3 times more harmful to the health of your kidney than sugar, since they are the ones that have to filter those chemicals. It is best to use natural sweeteners such as cinnamon, honey or stevia or take food in its natural unsweetened form, when you get used to it, it does not taste bad.

Do not abuse alcohol

Alcohol is a substance that, although legal, like Tobacco, is toxic to the body and produces great dependence. Consuming alcohol regularly can cause many physical and mental health problems. And not only that, it also causes social problems. One of the problems that you can cause to your body is that the kidneys have to work much harder than normal to filter the alcohol and this can cause kidney disease.

Stay away from steroids

It is very common among people who regularly go to the gym and who compete in fitness competitions, to take steroids and various medications to increase muscle mass artificially. All these medicines have their side effects and one of them is to deteriorate the kidneys since everything that they have to filter them in a chemical way, will damage them. In addition to the overexertion they make by filtering medications all the time.

Beware of stomach acid

Stomach acid is a very common and very annoying discomfort for those who suffer from it, although it is not related to kidney disease in itself, what is related is a medication to treat reflux. This medicine is called a proton pump inhibitor, or PPI. These medicines, taken daily, reduce kidney function, causing problems. Better to choose another type of medicine to treat your stomach.

Beware of tension

Blood pressure is commonly known as «the silent killer» as high blood pressure often goes unnoticed as it causes no symptoms. That is why it is very important that everyone takes their blood pressure regularly to know if they have it at good levels or should see a doctor to regulate it. High blood pressure is very dangerous for your kidneys as it leads to kidney failure and this is very dangerous.

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Written by Michael K.

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