Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Do not abuse alcohol

Alcohol is a substance that, although legal, like Tobacco, is toxic to the body and produces great dependence. Consuming alcohol regularly can cause many physical and mental health problems. And not only that, it also causes social problems. One of the problems that you can cause to your body is that the kidneys have to work much harder than normal to filter the alcohol and this can cause kidney disease.

Stay away from steroids

It is very common among people who regularly go to the gym and who compete in fitness competitions, to take steroids and various medications to increase muscle mass artificially. All these medicines have their side effects and one of them is to deteriorate the kidneys since everything that they have to filter them in a chemical way, will damage them. In addition to the overexertion they make by filtering medications all the time.

Beware of stomach acid

Stomach acid is a very common and very annoying discomfort for those who suffer from it, although it is not related to kidney disease in itself, what is related is a medication to treat reflux. This medicine is called a proton pump inhibitor, or PPI. These medicines, taken daily, reduce kidney function, causing problems. Better to choose another type of medicine to treat your stomach.


Written by Michael K.

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