Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Don’t overeat

Consuming large amounts of food at once is very harmful to your body as it is not used to it. The same thing happens in the kidneys, they are used to filtering a quantity of waste in your body but if suddenly there are days that you put double or triple the amount of work, they suffer a lot and if this happens often, you will start to have problems kidney. You have to be especially careful on vacations or Christmases where binges usually happen regularly.

Try not to stress

The life we lead, always running from one place to another, without time for anything, neither to rest nor to do things that you like, in the end, it takes its toll. High levels of stress also cause your tension to rise and this we already know is very bad for the kidneys. If you need it, take time to breathe and calm down and above all, to have time for yourself and your mental health.

Stop taking sugar

The consumption of sugar is a big problem worldwide, so much so that in some countries royalties have been imposed on products that have sugar levels well above those recommended for health. Sugar is the leading cause of childhood and adult obesity and diabetes, and all of this puts you at a much higher risk of kidney disease. It is best to reduce your sugar intake as much as possible.

Sweeteners don’t help either

If you reduce your sugar intake but replace it with artificial sweeteners, we are still in the same situation. Artificial sweeteners are made of pure chemicals and these are up to 3 times more harmful to the health of your kidney than sugar, since they are the ones that have to filter those chemicals. It is best to use natural sweeteners such as cinnamon, honey or stevia or take food in its natural unsweetened form, when you get used to it, it does not taste bad.


Written by Michael K.

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