Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Beware of red meat

Eating red meat from time to time is not bad, it is necessary and healthy, but once again, extremes can cause us problems. Eating red meat excessively is very harmful to your health and especially to the kidneys that have to work much more. On the other hand, the vegetable protein helps to reduce the stress on the kidneys. So the ideal is to always eat a balanced diet of meat, fish and vegetables.

Being sedentary

The sedentary lifestyle and having office jobs in which you spend many hours sitting is very harmful for your kidneys as it can trigger kidney failure. This is due to the fact that the blood circulation does not go properly and the blood flow to the kidneys does not reach the kidneys well. You have to always stay active as much as possible and go for a walk between 20 minutes and an hour every day, your kidneys will appreciate it.

Stop taking butter

Butter is something delicious, a delicacy of the gods, yet it is as harmful to health as smoking. 100 grams of butter has no less than 700 calories and no less than 80 grams of bad fat. That is to say, this product increases cholesterol very quickly and obstructs the arteries causing damage to the kidneys. People are even used to cooking with it, the ideal is to completely replace it with extra virgin olive oil and take butter occasionally.


Written by Michael K.

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