Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Overexertion doing sports

Exercising is very healthy and necessary for our body and mind, but as we have said before, extremes are not good. A continuous overexertion or putting more cane than you can in the gym can cause serious health problems and a very serious one is Rhabdomyolysis. This disease, although rare, can occur. Overexertion can cause muscle fibers to die and lead to kidney failure or even death.

Don’t drink energy drinks

These drinks do nothing good for your body. The ingredients they contain are very harmful to health, such as the enormous amounts of sugar they contain. After the amount of caffeine, which is not bad consumed in adequate doses but these drinks have more than necessary and are also highly addictive. And finally, taurine, another stimulant that together with caffeine raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks and chronic kidney diseases.


You may not drink enough water

The kidneys need a lot of water to function properly since their main function is to filter waste so that it does not pass into the blood and is expelled from the body. Many of the kidney problems come from not being properly hydrated since the kidney needs water to be able to better undo the minerals, if it does not have enough water, the minerals begin to crystallize in the kidney and form stones. Ideally, drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day.


Written by Michael K.

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