Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it


Ditch the sodas

It is well known that soft drinks with or without gas do not provide any type of nutrient to the body other than the mere fact of refreshing. In addition, these products contain exorbitant levels of sugar which is very bad for your health. Sugar, in addition to increasing the risks of diabetes, giving you energy peaks that then drop sharply and generating addiction, is also very harmful to your kidneys.

Get enough hours of sleep

While you sleep, your kidneys also rest from working whatever they do. So it is not crazy that numerous studies have shown that sleeping well makes the kidneys perform much better because they are more rested. One such study stated that those who sleep as little as 6 hours have a 19% higher risk of kidney failure since the kidney works many more hours than it can. Less sleep hours increase the percentage exponentially.


Written by Michael K.

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