Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Don’t abuse painkillers

There are many studies showing that pain reliever abuse is directly related to kidney failure. This is because painkillers reduce the blood supply to these organs and when this happens very often, the kidney collapses. It is best not to take them as if they were jelly beans, only occasionally sporadically when you can’t take it anymore. And yes, you should never take them on an empty stomach.


Take care of colds

Although colds seem like nothing to us, they are a very recurrent disease that causes a small impact on our body. Many small impacts on our body can cause various diseases due to neglecting ourselves so much. The antibodies generated in a cold eventually build up in the kidney and cause it to fail. If we do not take care of having colds and we have them very often, this can become a problem for your kidneys. It is best to eat lots of fruit with vitamin C and bundle up well.

Do not hold the urge to go to the bathroom

Did you know that one of the main causes of kidney disease is holding back the urge to go to the bathroom? In addition to being very uncomfortable to hold on, it is also dangerous for your health. When urine is waiting to come out, it is a source of bacteria in reproduction, the longer you hold, the more bacteria will be created and they could move from the bladder, where there is no danger, and go up to the kidneys creating an infection.


Written by Michael K.

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