Habits that may be damaging your kidneys without realizing it

Many people are not careful with their health and live as if they will never die or as if they will never grow old. However, a day comes when you find yourself with more and more ailments in the body and perhaps some of them could have been avoided by just changing a few habits in your life. If you could avoid getting sick or even dying with just a few small changes to nothing, wouldn’t you? Also when you discard those bad habits that you have every day without realizing it, you will not miss them since you will feel much better.

Swap the salt for spices

Salt gives food a lot of flavor and without it, many of them would taste almost nothing. However, excessive consumption of salt leads to high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and causes the kidneys not to have as much water as they need to expel waste and filter it from our body. Kidney stones can develop if the waste is not expelled as liquid. It is best to season our meals with garlic, onion or spices and reduce salt consumption to the recommended 5 grams per day.


Written by Michael K.

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